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Rescue Diver

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Expand on what you already know about how to prevent problems, and how to manage them if they occur. Learn techniques for self rescue, rescuing panicky divers and unresponsive divers.

Diver prerequisites

l   12 years old

l   PADI Open Water Diver may participant in Knowledge Development and Rescue Exercises in confined water.

l    EFR Primary and Secondary Care Training within 24 months. Training may be completed along with rescue diver course.

Course including

l   Complete five knowledge development segments and exam.  

l   Demonstrate skills from the Self-Rescue Review either in confined or open water.

l   Demonstrate skills from Rescue Exercise 1~10 in open water.

l   Participant in Rescue Scenarios 1 and 2.

l   Prepare an emergency assistance plan for dive site.

Certificate of Excellence


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