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 Go get your first Scuba Diving certification !

Are you ready to get diving certification for exploring new world underwater? Now CTdiver is offering all of Scuba Diving Course including Discover Scuba Diving, Open water and others. We do course based on small group, to make you meet PADI performance requirement and enjoy diving ! For more information, pleasecontact with us.



Now we are offering accommodation for you, including double rooms and bunk rooms, please check photos at https://www.facebook.com/pg/ctdiver/photos/?tab=album&album_id=695120443981456 





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CTDiver is located at Kenting Taiwan, pronunciation of "C" and "T" in Chinese is similar to "Breath" and "Kick", that's what divers doing in water. 
We offer variety of scuba diving package including Local Discovery Dive, Discovery Dive and certification all the way from Open Water Course to Divemaster course. 
Both Carrie and Tony are PADI instructors (PADI number : 281512) and actively endorse PADI Project Aware, in addition to work closely to support of "No Shark Fins" in Taiwan.
Our focus is customer's satisfaction and provide safe diving. For us, diving is not just a business, but a lifestyle, come to join us and have new experience under water. 

Meanwhile we also offer diving trips, diving equipment selling and maintenance. You are always welocme to come to us for any diving question. 

Dive Into Kenting Taiwan

Kenting National Park is a national park located in south of Taiwan, this national park is well known for its tropical climate and sunshine, scenic mountain and beach, the Spring Scream rock-band festival held in every April.
Kenting is the best diving area in Taiwan main island, there are many dive sites for shore dive and boat dive, as tropical weather, air temperature is above 20 degree whole year as well as water temperature, water temperature in summer is about 28 degree and about 23~25 degree in winter, you can dive here whole year around with 3mm wetsuit, in winter Kenting is windy as wind comes from northeast but typically water visibility is better than summer time. 
Take a look at our gallery for images of some of the marine life in Kenting Taiwan


Fun Diving

For certificated diver, we offer diving package of shore dive and boat dive, package includes 2 dives, guide and transportation to dive site, dive site selection will be depended on diver experience and weather condition. As a standard safety procedure all divers are required to first complete a check up dive at a local relatively shallow dive site.

Our professional dive guides will find varied marine life for divers, especially for underwater photographer divers, meanwhile we have many ID books for divers to know those creatures.  

You can dive in Kenting whole year around, summer time is good for boat dive in HoBiHu Bay, and shore dive in protection area, diving sites 10 to 12 are suitable for open water diver , where have more fish. In Winter wind is strong, wave might be a little bit rough for boat dive, usually we do boat dive around South Bay, however photographer divers prefer this season, because divers can dive at west side the dive site of Ho Jie for marco. For more information, please Email us.


Boat dive requires minimum 4 divers, we will check boat availability once reservation is made.

1.Shi Zhu

The site is combinative sand and reef, average depth is around 20~26M, the two major coral reefs are like mushroom in the water. Here you can find sea fan, sea lily, snapper, grouper and moray eel

2.Wan Li Tong

Average depth is around 15~22M, toward to south diver can find the reef looks like head of Nixon at 20M. on the platform you can find sea goldie, snapper, clownfish, and sometimes you can encounter blue spotted ray

3.Shan Han

The site is famous by Blackspot snapper, average depth is around 12~15M, mainly there are 5~6 corals to explore, heading to 30 degree about 15M, you will reach the landmark Triumphal archheight is about 4M and width is about 10M

4.Hong Chai Keng

Dive from north of dock, depth is from 3M to 13M, heading to the coral located at 9.5M, you can see snapper, rockmover wrasse and clownfish

5.Ho Jie

This is an advanced dive site because of current and wave, average depth is around 18~28M, there is small wreck at 32M, here you can find nudibranch, batfish, snapper and sea goldie

6.Ding Bai Sha

It’s an advanced dive site, major area is located at 28M, there are sea fans and soft corals, pygmy sea horse might be somewhere in the fan, around 24M you can encounter snapper, grouper and goby

7.Nan Han Dong

The site is name as Nan-Hai caveon land, average depth is around 15~23M, there are many soft corals from 15M to 23M, snapper, wrasse, goby and squid is around here

8.Lei Da Shi

Deepest is about 20M, many soft corals, trevallies and runners here, sometimes you can find robust ghost pipefish or ray at sand

9.Chu Shui Kou Narrow

Landform is kind of narrow, length 50M. many of soft corals, snapper, puffer, batfish, clownfish and nudibranch

10.Chu Shui Kou

Average is around 10~15M, the only one flame scallop can be found here, group of barracuda is always here near entry, you can encounter squid, cuttlefish, octopus, flatfish, clownfish, snapper and runner. It’s suitable to dive for 4 seasons

11.Soft Coral area

Variety of soft corals here, follow the line between coral and sand, you can encounter tubefish, batfish, snapper and grouper. Average is about 10~15M

12.Wei Yu Qu (feed fish area)

It’s common site for snorkeler and diver, diver used to feed fish here. Snapper, runner, grouper and clownfish here, and not afraid of human

13.Du Li Jiao

One reef looks like head of dragon, sea goldie, snapper, runner and clean shrimp here, kick further you may see pygmy sea horse on sea fan. Average depth is around 20~30M

14.Shuang Feng Lan Dong

Famous by a cave, length is about 10M. average depth is about 18~25M, many of sea lily on reef, sea goldie, snapper, runner, clownfish, batfish, anemone shrimp and crab here

15.Da Lao Gu

Many of soft coral and hard reef here, you can find sea pen at northeast side, on sand you can encounter garden ell, snapper and nudibranch. Average depth is about 15~22M

16.Siao Lao Gu Fault

Surrounding the fault, can see many of coral as sun flower and soft coral on wall, sea goldie, snapper, batfish and wrasse. Average depth is 15~24M

17.Nan Wan San Jiao Ding

Hard reef and soft coral everywhere, nudibranch, snapper, moray ell, runner and sometimes bluespotted ray in sand. Average depth is about 13~20M

18.Tiao Shi

Beautiful hard reef, batfish, clownfish, snapper, puffer, boxfish, runner. Average is about 8~11M

19.Banana Bay

Diving into a hole which was caused by wave erosion, through hard reef, can see radar, snapper, puffer and batfish. Average depth is 8~12M

20.Sha Dao

Average depth is 8~12M, here can see banded pipefish, clownfish, snapper, runner, barracuda, boxfish, puffer, moray ell and grouper

Kenting dive site

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